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Extreme Deer Scents

When you use any of our extreme deer scents, you are using the freshest product available. Our goal is to offer the best scent possible. All of our scents our 100% organic urine. All of our products have NO additives. There our two important factors in keeping a product fresh. As proof we will place pictures of your trophies in our trophy room. Visit us on facebook and post a picture of your deer. To buy any of our products visit our store.

Predator Scent Control

There's little doubt that the most important sense to white-tailed deer is the sense of smell. Deer rely on their noses to warn them of the presence of predators and to help them find food. Take the upper hand before you go hunting by eliminating your scent. Our special blend of scent elimination sprays leave you odor free as you enter and exit the woods. Become the predator! To buy any of our products visit our store.

Covert Camera Trail Cams

Wouldn't it be amazing if you could scout everyday and everynight to find out what all animals are visiting your stand? Well you can with our trail cameras and monitoring systems you can find out who or what has been there and what time of day. Not just for hunting it also does a great job at catching unwanted people or animals on film around your property. Stop guessing and start knowing what is out there! To buy any of our products visit our store.


Not a hunter, need a cool gift, just want to support our cause, or need some merchandise to show off your favorite brand of products. This is your section. Extreme Whitetails merchandise includes t-shirts, chapstick, can cozies, and decals of all shapes and sizes. Got a custom request, send us an email and we will see what we can do for you! Check facebook for special promotions! To buy any of our products visit our store.